To claim your refund check instructions

We ask users to send the following data from the mail registered in website to this address: [javascript email]

  • a video message from the grower's home, where he tells how much money he lost in the platform. On the video, the user must present their ID or passport in front of the camera, and also send source of funds as an attachment to the video in the same email. You should list the reason for the appeal for the urgency of the appeal, this may be
  • a document that a person is registered with the labor exchange or recently lost his job
  • a document confirming the presence of a disease or disability
  • a document confirming that there are a large number of minor children in dependency
  • a document confirming the debt for payment of utility bills
  • debt Order or Eviction Notice
  • BTC address for refund in text form (not screenshots, QR codes)
  • Telegram nickname (@nickname), for future contacts. If you do not have one, we kindly ask you to create it

A group of volunteers must check the history and documents provided by the grower, and then add a person to the xls or Google document file of people who provided documentary evidence of being in a difficult economic situation also, all older people, from 65 years of age and over, be considered a priority and should be placed ahead of the waiting line. The requirement to provide source of funds, as well as other documents for them, also remains.

PS, It is important to note that all refunds will be delivered through the Bitcoin network. If you sent all the above documents and video, please attach in advance your BTC addresses for refund in text form (not screenshots, QR codes).