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The bankruptcy of Juicy Holdings B.V.

Hello, e-growers!

The bankruptcy announcement of Juicy Holdings B.V. came as no surprise, and can be found here. The Friedrich team had no doubt thought of such a retreat plan. Nevertheless, we, your emergency team, seed members and volunteers, are not going anywhere, but instead are staying with the platform and continuing to rebuild step by step. Slow and steady wins the race.

From tech side was added Stoned balance and Refund amount. Stoned balance is the user's account funds at the time Juicy Holdings B.V. declared bankruptcy. Refund amount is the funds to be paid back to the user and represents the difference between the amount of all deposits to the account by external transactions as SEPA/crypto vs. the amount of funds withdrawn from the platform.

On a final note, but no less important, all accounts registered before the platform shutdown will also have access to the new platform and 12 new plant categories.

Update on refunds

Dear e-growers.

Refund processes have been suspended since November 15, according to a previously published memo on the web.

Resumption of refunds is scheduled for October 2023, after the newly harvested crops are sold out. For obvious reasons, no further information about the cultivation partner will be published at this time.

However, applications for critical cases are processed to make a waiting list for future refunds. The terms remain the same:

Total successfully processed cases: 52
Total refunds were: 250K+

Of the previously submitted applications, some may be approved if the team receives access to credit lines to pay debts or if success in the sale of produced cannabis is achieved.

Smart Ppl

Join the Forces

When the platform stopped working, scavengers entered the business, who, under the guise of helping, make money. E-growers in chat rooms blame the team and cry about the lost money.
...and only a small handful of activists are really doing things. We made payments for the most urgent and complex cases.

But ufortunately, statistics are next - only 1% of those who received a refund said thank you to us! where is your benevolence and help??
we publish the feedbacks that came to our mail here...

Maybe people who have received refunds will admit this fact publicly.
Everyone's action will matter.

Btw we are pleased with the assumptions of skeptics who believe that we are trying to buy time. One question - for what? On the contrary, we really want to speed up the investigation in order to unfreeze the money. It is much easier for us to disable the site altogether and stop communicating with users. The loudest, coolest and smartest - if you are not babblers, and besides pouring shit on us, send your CVs to us.
With your unfounded statements and bullshit, you only spoil all our desire to meet you halfway.

We are launching the official telegram channel again:
so you can continue to get high from the realization of wrongness. Sorry, but our goal is not to make money, but to prove who is who.
We are forming a new team! stop sitting on the couch, let's work on our common project! we are waiting for a CV and suggestions to the [javascript email]. We need asap!

Job Title Description of responsibilities Salary, EUR  
CFO Refund cases management 4k+ Apply
CMO Brand development, PR 4k+ Apply
Chief legal officer Legal cases 7k+ Apply
Sales Medical cannabis products sales 5k+ Apply
Support English/Spanish/German support
Mails and chats
1.5k+ Apply

And other activities and suggestions from “smart people” ;)

Winter is Coming

Dear e-growers.

As you have noticed, we have started to publish a report on refunds in the Telegram group. Also invite users who got a refund to share about it, but considering the feedback, this approach was not received positively, and it actually turned out to be the opposite.

On the other hand, thanks to the proactivity of certain participants, even refunds in cryptocurrencies are becoming a difficult event and meet obstacles on various kinds of services.

All of this leads to a hard, and forced, decision to stop accepting pre-trial applications and statements on emergency cases and suspend the refund process from November 15. We tried to do our best, but many still do not understand the difference between us and Graf and hang the stigma of scammers, so we decided to wait for the official decision of the court.

Who denies the fact of successful cases of the return of funds or who persistently try to block any financial channels and partnerships, we wish you hope for your lawyers, although they themselves already know that will not be able to help to return any funds.

And for those who believe in JF, count on the next wave of refunds. Lists are constantly updated with new applications, and continue to be compiled, prioritizing as before the cases of users in serious situations. Unfortunately, only the amount that was actually deposited into the account will be refunded. Moreover, please indicate the BTC address for the refund at once, as we may encounter further financial limitations. So, funds will be transferred one way or another. If your request was previously accepted for consideration, but not processed, please write to the volunteers by email and specify your BTC address as an alternative.

Just a couple of screenshots of correspondence with Frederich&Stefan, and documents to show how the company was doing before the forced shutdown, as well as the reasons for it.

The web archive of the Internet stores the data of the day when the logo was on their site:

Juicy statements, agreements, letters

Stefan Ludwig Graf von Luxburg documents

Partners agreements

Greetings, our Juicy Community! 🍁

Let's open the fall message with some good news. Juicy Fields Emergency members, as well as partners and friends of the project, continue to fight for the revival of the platform and the fulfillment of commitments to users. As you may already know, it has been revealed that Dr. Robert Muller was insolvent for several years, even before the launch of the platform. This is the frontman of our very elusive Graf. A person MUST declare to the authorities that he or she is insolvent in another EU country and get approval in the country of that operational company, to act in the capacity of an appointed company official. Of course, as we all know now, Dr. Robert never mentioned it, and no surprise, apparently that seemed to be what their plan and intentions were, to avoid any responsibility afterwards. And strangely enough, they managed to trick the authorities with such ease. “Overload” by Arthur Hailey rings a bell, with the phrase “Sounds like the old story-there are two kinds of justice, depending on who you are and whom you know.” No one knows what other surprises are in this Pandora's Box, but Juicy Fields Emergency members will go all the way to bring justice and life back to the crowdgrowing movement. At this point, progress information will be given in doses, and please understand that. Any published clue, and our moves, help the brothers' team to sidestep, which should not happen again.

Unfortunately, there is also a sad note, we still do not have access to frozen funds in Cyprus, which could have already been used to cover refunds to all users in tough situations, and these are considerable resources, 4.5 million euros. And what is crucial is the passive approach of the regulators in this situation, while police&lawyers are trying to handle the complaints of the e-growers, Graf continues to live large and spend the users' money.

Last, but not least. E-growers, please stay alert! All refunds only through [javascript email] mail, and all provisions only on website. All other individuals-entities-faces offering refunds are attempts by fraudsters to take advantage of the situation.

The third-party sites, chat rooms, lawyers, and so on are not the ones who can help get funds back. Look at it from a different angle, what if this just another attempt for them to make money out of someone else's misfortune?

In the current situation, we have to face it, none of the above will be helpful to return the funds to e-growers, just as Graf is not going to give back the stolen funds.

The only way out would be to restart the business, to sell the harvests, and realize the original concept. We will be able to return our money back this way! Let's go to the facilities that were bought by JF, let's see what Willie offers in South Africa, and what's going on with the project in Denmark. Let's move and save the dream business together!

Watch out for more Juicy Updates to come.

Update to all our Juicy Members

It would appear that Gorath von Luxbourgh is finally feeling the pressure as a result of his lies and deceit, with the authorities having apparently raided his apartments and businesses including LC Med. Despite all the rumours in the market concerning all the alleged schemes that JuicyFields was supposedly running, the real situation is much easier to explain. Von Luxbourg attempted to steal our company’s and your money and in the process of preventing him from doing so, the banks on our request froze all of our bank accounts.

We welcome continued investigations by the authorities so that the truth can ultimately reach everyone’s ears and eyes. In the meantime, we have put a plan into action that will allow us to generate income with our own money with a view on at least repaying all the existing investors who have money tied up in the bank accounts.

We will be spending in excess of Euro 5 million to trade within the cannabis industry ourselves in order to generate the funding required. We are also working together with our attorneys and have approached Willem to assist us to implement the new business plans in the same manner that he originally suggested, and which Von Luxbourgh untruthfully told him in June of this year that we had rejected.

This plan will most certainly allow us to refund everyone over the course of the next year. If however the investigations that are currently being conducted by the authorities clears us and allows us to gain access to your monies that are currently frozen, it will speed up the new business plan and the refund time-frame.

At the same time, we are also working hard on version 2 platform, which we are collaborating on with reputable financial institutions which will allow for a far more transparent platform interaction. The past has certainly shown us which areas needed to be improved upon, one of which is to allow our future members more access to information and transparency.

Please do not lose faith in our efforts to resolve a most difficult position that we were placed in, and please do not form opinions based on reports issued by media outlets that made statements based on rumours and not on facts. The problem with Von Luxbourgh has been dealt with to a large extent as will our undertaking to refund you all. The business within the cannabis industry that we have created an opportunity for everyone to participate in, is real. We are very grateful for the immense support that we still enjoy from members.

Your continued involvement in this industry will be your decision once you have been refunded your money. We look forward to being able to update you further next week.

Recovery plan, scammers, and responsibility

Hello e-growers!

The summer of 2022 is coming to an end, but we all still have a long way to go together, and a brand-new page of the JF movement will begin this moment as you read this email. Before you take a look, we want you to understand one thing. The feedback we receive in your emails, as well as the personal financial disaster and much more that everyone involved in the project has experienced, is the responsibility of the owners. And we, the team who came up with the idea of co-cultivation, feel the bitterness of it all.

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the clock, and cannot erase the day we signed up to work with Friedrich Graf von Luxburg Carolath.

The weight of responsibility never falls to the ground, it falls on someone else's shoulders. While the authors of the disaster change their residence from a villa to a less conspicuous one, or distort the essence of the situation through pawns. We, your “Italian-Russian-Colombian” crew, will do our best to restore the name of the project and get the movement back on track. As for security...

Extra Attention Here! Be careful with new scammers, they appear like mushrooms after a rain:

[email protected]
[email protected]

We have only one group, @juicyfields_official, whose control has been fully restored.

We are following the official investigation and the search for the culprits, but, to be honest, we do not believe in returning money to the accounts of JF companies and, as a consequence, to the wallets of egrowers. The official investigation is being conducted only to calm down.

Official JuicyFields recovery team, together with Willem and the Ivan Alonso, lawyer who will help to handle the collective cases of e-growers, we have developed a Yearly refund plan.

We are confident that the JF business system works, and we will prove that JF was not created for fraud and was not built as a Ponzi scheme.

As we promised, we collect some funds and ready to transfer money to Willem under a 280,000 plants - PLANT AGREEMENT.

Additional Thanks to BaFin

We cannot work through bank accounts, so all cash flows will take place in blockchain. We publish our official USDT(erc-20) wallet for transparency — profit from the sale will be credited there: 0x66b290d26b51af319488d18d3b0d47726e4521a2

Everyone can check profits within the specified time frame. A summary of the plan from Willem is located on the photo, and it is worth pausing here to say thank you to this man. Leaving formality behind, this is the only person who agreed to help, and be the key to the movement's rebirth.

So from now we all will wait a year to make a profit from the sale of a new harvest in South Africa. The funds equal to 5,500,000 EUR to service the agreement will come from us, the seed team that has been with all of you since day one of the platform.