Our roots

Alan Glanse Chief Executive

I don't smoke
cannabis - I'm cannabis

JuicyFields project is my dream to crack the powerful cannabis monopoly, remove borders and make all the benefits of cannabis available to everyone.

Daniel Gauci Chief Business Development Officer

Daniel has dedicated
much of his life to the
wonders of Marijuana in both
a medical and creative sense. He applies this with his love of the written word and other forms of media.

Experienced in cultivation and extraction spanning various cultures, Daniel has visited some of the most ‘not so famous' grows that Europe has to offer. Curiosity knows no bounds and a genuine interest in growers, extractors, distributors, caregivers and patients personal stories and struggles gives him an insight, drive and empathy needed to push the industry forward in any way possible.

Marijuana is not just another business for Daniel, it is a lifestyle and very personal to him and his family having young children that suffer from autism and cancer, both of which are treated with cannabis derivatives. Daniel attests that this gives him the passion, drive and integrity to be an evangelist in all aspects within the cannabis space.

Daniel currently resides in Malta with his wife and two awesome children, you can connect with him at [javascript email] and on LinkedIn

Robin Silver Business Development Officer
Nordic Countries and Spain

Robin is definitely a
big fan of the Cannabis
plant and all its properties.
It is a long standing relationship that he has developed for these plants. He strongly believes we can move the world forward a lot by having more research done especially in the medicinal sector where this lovely flower has made its mark as of late.

He is also an agricultural enthusiast who believes in regenerative agriculture practices and vast fields of green.

Robin will now embark on a journey with Juicy Fields to fields of juicy green.

David Wave Creative Art Director

Designed in Colombia,
assembled in Argentina.
I have been working in the
advertising industry since more than 4 years.

In my career I worked in agencies such as Young And Rubicam and also McCann Erickson. After two years I made a first jump outside of the advertising world and started to work in a more artistic setting as a Latam Regional Art Director for Spanish magazine PlayGround.

I worked one year there until I realised that I needed to find more inspiration so I started to travel and work as a freelancer. I traveled around many countries in Europe and South America. I have been understanding the different cultures and finding new ideas and colours to join my art skills and my knowledge.

Now I`m in Malta but the trip is still rolling mis amigos.

Marco Malatrasi Chief Cannabis Agronomist

Marco is a certified
agronomist who specializes
in developing and operating
pharmaceutical cannabis production systems. For the last 11 years, he has been developing commercial horticultural projects, with emphasis on productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

His work has taken him across the globe, with successful projects completed in North and Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia, where he has implemented a variety of systems for hydroponic greenhouse and open field organic production. An avid proponent of permaculture design, Marco specializes in delivering ecologically responsible solutions to every project he is a part of, and promotes the dual ethic of "stewardship of both earth and people"

Thomas Walker Master Grower

Thomas Walker is the
founder and lead
consultant of Walker Cultivation,
a consulting firm specializing in commercial cannabis startups and cultivation. Thomas' 15 years of commercial cannabis cultivation experience and over 200 crop cycles has allowed him to gain master/head grower status as a out door and controlled environment agriculture expert.

Since becoming a commercial cannabis consultant, Thomas has provided consultation to over 40 unique customers, from investors to license holders in various counties such as Lesotho, Rwanda, Swazi Land, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malta.

He has also provided consultation to various regulatory compliance companies based in South Africa and Lesotho. This has allowed him to gain experience in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GACP (Good Agriculture And Collection Practices) production methodologies and makes Thomas one of the most sought after commercial cannabis consultants in Africa.

Thomas has 15 years of 3D design and implementation experience, which allows him to create facility and equipment designs that provide valuable insight into production methodologies and equipment requirements. At the same time, his experience in implementation allows Thomas to validate environmental control and pave a faster path to production for startups.

Throughout his cultivation journey, Thomas has researched and operated all available equipment, nutrient formulations, integrated pest and pathogen regiments and substrates and cultivation methodologies. Typically, investors, applicants and operators utilize Thomas’s experience and integrity for the purposes of: obtaining a license to cultivate cannabis, the setup and “dialing in” and operation of cultivation facilities and the training and vetting of staff.

Joel Duarte LATAM Supervisor

Mr Joel Duarte
is a High Vision
Colombian Business
Man whit 5 Years Experience
in Cannabis Industry, He Study in Javeriana University Business Administration and Build Export Company to Trade Commodities, His Experience on Cannabiz and Commodity Trading give to Juicy Fields the Opportunity to Stablish Colombian Operation Managed by Mr Duarte

Paulina Zlotovicz Community Management

Made all the way
from Czech Republic to
Berlin to make the impossible
possible with JuicyFields. Young open-minded lady who is ready for new achievements, full of strength to move forward and change the world!

"Cannabis industry for me is not only about a plant, but a struggle for injustice."

Julián Urbina Project manager

Julian is an ex-Film
Producer, entrepreneur
and UX designer with a
strong background in Project Management. So he`s creative but get things done, efficiently. Julian has experience developing projects for companies like Netflix, Amazon, Wirecard bank and many others. He`s passion towards cannabis took him to make his way through the industry. Incorporating both strategic & managerial experience with his creative and artistic skills, he`s now part of Juicy Fields as Project manager

Carlos Samuel Support division

Carlos is an
international politics and
studies expert and a polyglot!
His experience and language skills have taken him around the globe to work with international companies, making him a first point of reference for users from all over the world. He has thus experience with different types of research methods, community management and translation processes.

Andre Philip Schneider Cannabis Chef

Andre is the genius
of Сannabis High cuisine.
Co writer at Hanf Magazin

He creates and writes recipes and menues of cannabis infused food. Author, creator of the the "recipe of the weedweek" for JuicyFields. Who knows, maybe we will open Restaurants of High Canna cuisine with Andre Chef? Stay tuned and follow us everywhere to be the first!

Michael Spring Webmaster Support Specialist

After being a
Head of Electronics
Department in Austria
and having an overall
experience of over 8 years in
IT, Michael decided to progress his career in quite a special for him field – in cannabis industry. Michael started as a webmaster support specialist at JuicyFields

Our beloved Partners and Potvisers

Shlomo Booklin Potviser

Right after graduating
the Jerusalem Technical
Institute in Horticulture major
in 1984, Shlomo kept on improving the knowledge in practice which led him to where he currently is - a Managing Owner at S Booklin Consulting (SBC) in Canada.

Shlomo has 35-year experience around the world that includes a prestigious position of Master Grower for Tilray in Canada and MedReleaf in Canada followed by European Cannabis companies in Portugal, Greece, Macedonia and other countries, such as international projects in Barbados, Colombia, South Africa, Germany, Australia (3,5 years) and Portugal (10 years on large production facility).

Owing to a remarkable career allowed him to become familiar with high standards of GACP and EU-GMP, organic and sustainable gardening practices as well as every tiny aspect of Horticulture, Floriculture and Ornamentals.

Khalid Salim Advisor

A fully licensed and
clinically trained medical
doctor from Germany.

He enjoys the challenges of repositioning businesses and optimizing opportunities to achieve organic growth, accelerate business development, and prepare for M&A events. Khalid actively acquires companies in the healthcare sector. He is also a co-founder of a medical group operating in the United Kingdom, North America and Europe. Skilled at transforming businesses by combining his medical expertise with the optimization of business strategies and achieving corporate growth through innovation

Wayne Thomas (Adams) Advisor

Angel Heart Farms,
Angel Heart Cannabis
Company, F_W Cannabis Associates

Experienced Farmer of the earth, aspiring cultivator of the human spirit,very experienced Car Guy, Custom Motorcycle Builder, with a demonstrated history of working in the farming industry. Skilled in Research, Management, Customer Service, Agribusiness, and Sales

Jesse Heller Advisor

President of Dymic
Digital, I take pride in
delivering measurable results
on the Web. We boast a 5-Star rating, working with both multimillion-dollar marquee brands and emerging small businesses alike.

Mirishin Shutte Advisor

Cannabis Practitioner;
Grower; CEO &
Indigenous healer at Abis Inc.

Activist. Fighter of Truth.

We started in 2014 as a Recreational Dispensary (RAU) and was the first walk in Dispensary in the country

Since then we have been arrested multiple times and about 3 years ago we got our License to Practice as THP (Traditional Health Practitioners) in SA and can dispense to our Patients

Tlali Moleko Advisor

The Prince Of Legal
Cannabis. Founder &
Owner of the ultra-premium
cannabis company GREEN GOLD AFRICA

Cannabis Entrepreneur in Africa with a legal medicinal cannabis company. EU GMP facilities being implemented and all sorts of technologies related to automated growing. African cannabis cultivation licence holder.

Our stars

Zvezda Lauric JuicyFields
Network Star

Zvezda Lauric
is the perfect
combination of Croatia
and Bolivia, and studied
social communication (journalism) in Chile.

Having worked on different TV programs in Bolivia such as a presenter on "como en casa" and informative programs ‘Burnos días‘ and ‘Arriba Bolivia’ doing political journalism in the streets and presenting news. Other projects have included the show `Peru Lima` broadcast in America and partaking in other media focusing on writing political entries and for other sectors within Peru. Returning to her native country Zvezda continued with journalism in Santa Cruz, then on to Russia and for other journalistic projects, always, passionate, professional, multifaceted and enthusiastic.

Zvezda now brings that energy and passion to the Juicy Team.