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Friedrich Graf von Luxburg, new investigation

Mr. Jan-Nicolas Steinpilz and Mr. Matthias Ruschel, who represent have been appointed as attorneys for Graf von Luxburg Carolath (JuicyHoldings BV & JuicyFields AG). All complaints should be addressed to them direclty.

Friedrich, which bank account do you use to pay their invoices? You constantly forget to tell us that happened with millions of USDT?
USDT (erc-20) wallet: 0xf6DC95b3e72d3482828870e86CeB597c222bA621
TX: 0x9c4c14cb6e3fcfb1943cc72cb671e8c0b0eba46d9c0e908146ffc2d84e9151af

Is the new entity with prospectus ready to resume activies of the company? Should we publish draft of prospectus :) ?

JuicyHoldings BV & JuicyFields AG are no longer providing any growing services.

These entities are being put into liquidation shortly.

Due to nature of recent events JuicyFields will provide it's services only to qualified growers.

There is no entity at the moment to conduct any activities that cover sales of medical cannabis or c2b payments.

If your deposit was made in favour of JuicyHoldings AG, you should submit a formal complaint via a collective claim. We strongly doubt Graf will ever pay out a penny back.

Here is a list of lawyers who will be happy to take your case to the trial:


Spain: - Emilia Zaballos - TV CRIME

International: - Lars Olofsson


To claim your refund check instructions here. To trace stolen funds see correspondent network of proxy companies used Bank details. To contact Luxburg Carolath Lawyers

Refunds for users who have submitted the required collateral are already being paid out from remaining available cash reserves.
We need your help to put legal and media pressure on "escapegoats" snakepit located at Kurfürstendamm 136, 10711 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Germany. The funds are there.

There are no actions taken by anyone at JuicyHoldings BV or JuicyFields AG to resolve the situation. Sadly, but justice is blind.

There is an upcoming trip planned to Berlin and other HQ of LC Med & affiliated companies, we have free tickets for all that wish to join.

Let's kick some shit out of these greedy mother-f***ers.